Spaces that Inspire Greatness

One of the most extraordinary aspects of design is that it doesn’t just affect a space’s functionality or attractiveness. It affects the energy and mentality of the people who enter. 

Think about the high ceilings and dramatic architecture of the world’s great cathedrals, and the reverence it inspires. Or the sense of relaxation you often feel in well-designed vacation quarters, where stress just somehow fades away. 

Design doesn’t just influence us. It changes us. 

Designing for a Competitive Edge

At Brenner Design, we’ve seen the inspirational effects of a new space firsthand. Diana M.H. Brenner was the first female architect to design a building at her alma mater, Ball State University, as well as the first female architect to design an athletic facility at Indiana University. 

In 2016 we had the opportunity to design the Joan and Ron Venderly Football Complex at Ball State University. The new building was positioned adjacent to the existing Scheumann Stadium and within eyeshot of the existing Ball State University Alumni Center. We worked with Ball State Athletics and the University Architect’s Office to create a physical representation of the new direction for the Football Program. We included a unique feature: a new window positioned in the facility that allows the team to have a direct and inspiring view of their home field. The result? The program had their best recruiting class the following year and attracted first-class staff and coaches. And in 2020, the football team under coach Mike Neu won the Mid-American Conference Championship game for the first time. 

In 2019 Brenner Design had the honor of designing the new Indiana University Football Locker Room. The new Locker Room is located under the existing IU Stadium and hadn’t been renovated since the 1980’s. Our vision was to create a new dynamic home for the Hoosier team. Coach Tom Allen’s LEO mantra (“Love Each Other”) was reflected in the team atmosphere and personal details of the space, which was geared towards the players themselves. The Hoosiers matched a school record with five-straight league victories (1967) before losing at No. 3 Ohio State and have won 11 of their last 14, their most successful stretch in conference games in program history. 

We couldn’t be more thrilled for these teams and their accomplishments, and the role Brenner Design was able to play in creating physical environments to align with their aspirations. These two teams are wonderful examples of leveraging design to impact our mindset and performance. 

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